Fishing in Costa Rica with CR Tropical Properties LTDA

Costa Rica offers common anglers and world-class fishermen an opportunity to fish for both small and large game fish. We have compiled a list of the most common and well-known fish you will find while here on your trip. This will allow you to identify some of the fish that you might catch.

Based upon the type of fishing that you will be doing will determine which of these fish you are more likely to catch. Some of them are well-known to spend more of their time in the shallow water while others typically remain in deeper areas. Based upon the time of year will determine which species of fish is located both in shallow or deeper water.

You can use either artificial lures, cut bait, and also live bait for many of the fish listed below. Some of them will be caught from fishing right on the bottom while others you will be jigging just a few feet off of the bottom both in shallow and deep water. With the use of a fish locator or trial and error you will also find schools sometimes suspended somewhere in between.

Some of the larger game fish are usually caught while deep-sea fishing trolling at a fairly rapid rate with a good-sized lure or maybe some live bait like shad. Some other common bait used is shrimp, or squid once again typically for fishing on the bottom or in some situations from the beach, some rocks, or off a pier.

Most of the Costa Rica fishing pictures listed below are very typical types of fish that you can find in both North and South America. Yes the markings on some of the fish will be a little different and the sizes in which you might catch can also vary greatly depending on water conditions such as temperatures and times of the year. We hope that this fishing chart will be of some assistance to you now and in the future.

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