$40 Million Theme Park Planned Near CR Tropical Properties

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff
A development firm said Wednesday it had
finished a concept project to advance plans
for a 302-hectare adventure theme park near
Parrita on the central pacific coast.
The firm, DCL Property Developers, said
that the park will include more than 15
amenities, tours and rides for the visitors, and
make of this project the most ambitious and
complete adventure attraction in the Central
American region. The park will be called La
Chonta Costa Rica, Natural & Eco Adventure
Javier Segura, general manager of DLC, said
that this is about a $40 million project that
will provide more than 100 direct jobs and as
many as 500 indirect jobs.
Parallel to the delivery of the concept, DLC's
sister company, DCL Realty Consultants, has
received the first set of offers for the $24
million financing that La Chonta Adventure
Park will need for its preoperative and
construction stage. Those offers came from
the firm's own financial sources in the United
States, he said.
Segura explained that the concept includes all
the feasibility and other studies that move the
project closer to construction.
He said that the park will feature an aerial
tram, a 500-meter (1,640-foot) zip line,
electric buggies and accommodations,
including a luxury camping area.
He said that the park will bring to one
location many of the adventure experiences
that are typical of Costa Rica. However, there
also will be walkways for those who prefer
not to become involved with the adventure
One goal is to keep the finished part
environmentally friendly, he said.
The area of 302 hectares is about 746 acres.
Segura said that his firms were able to secure
financing despite the lending situation in the
United States, although he did agree that for
several months financing was on hold. The
name of the firm that will own the park is
being kept confidential until more progress is
made, Segura said.

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