Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is the most popular destination in Costa Rica. Surrounded by expanses of white sand beaches and evergreen forests that grow all the way to the shore line, this area of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.
CR Tropical Properties two communities Las Palmas and Emerald Dunes are just a short drive from Manuel Antonio. You can even see the park from parts of the Las Palmas property.
The homes and Vacation properties at CR Tropical Properties developments are the perfect places to stay while visiting Manuel Antonio.
You can explore the miles of nature trails or just relax on the pristine white sand beach.
One of the most popular activities in Manuel Antonio National Park is the Canopy tour. Here you take tour to several platforms up high in the rain forest canopy. You climb up to the first platform several stories high. Then you are attached to a zip line that will whisk you away to the next platform.
There are miles and miles of zip lines throughout Manuel Antonio. These canopy tours are the best way to view the rain forest and enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer.
CR Tropical Properties not only offers the perfect vacation home, but their concierge service can also plan your entire vacation. They will book your canopy tours and send you to the best restaurants on the central pacific. They can provide you with transportation or get you a rental car. Your stay with CR Tropical Properties is sure to be relaxing and enjoyable.


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