The High Season In Costa Rica

The high season in Costa Rica runs from December through April.  This is the time where Costa Rica offers the best weather.  There is less chance of rain during this season which makes it the best time to explore the national parks and rain forest.
Wildlife such as monkeys and tropical birds are easier to observe.  Animals tend to seek water in more open areas which gives us the opportunity to view exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.
While millions of Americans are enduring freezing temperatures, snow and sleet, a select few are enjoying the comfortable tropical weather in Costa Rica.
Millions of visitors travel to the central pacific coast every year to experience Manuel Antonio National Park.  While the weather is this nice, many take excursions into the rain forest to view wildlife, birds and tropical foliage.  The new Marina Pez Vela in Quepos is also fast becoming a major destination for the best sport fishing in the world.
In addition to the warm weather travelers also enjoy a few extra hours of daylight during the high season.  At this latitude the days are longer this time of year.
Many people fall in love with Costa Rica during this season enough to dream about owning Real Estate here.  A vacation is the perfect time to check out property and visit one of the most sought after communities on the central pacific coast – Las Palmas by CR Tropical Properties.  Contact them in advance for a personal tour and view their spectacular model homes.

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