CR Tropical has two new full-time residents! Burt and Alita are back in town and here to stay. After selling everything and retiring, Burt and Alita have decided to embrace the pura vida way of life!

We were so glad to have them back that we threw them a “Welcome Home Party.”What better way to celebrate than to treat them to a traditional Costa Rican barbeque? On the menu was chicken wings, beans, and rice. Check out our website to see the video!
There’s a reason why Burt and Alita chose the pura vida way of living. Not only is the country beautiful, but Costa Ricans live long lives. You are unlikely to encounter any serious diseases in Costa Rica. Sanitary standards are high and the health system is excellent. No vaccinations are required to enter Costa Rica as epidemic diseases have been all but eradicated throughout the country. So come see what the pura vida life is all about!

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